Drowning In Social Media




I seriously don’t know how people do this blogging thing.  It’s utterly overwhelming even for someone who considers himself technically savvy.  But there’s a big difference between figuring out how to rewire a fuse box and trying to figure out how to manage all the various venues, outlets, and platforms of social media.  I suppose the younger generations have the same leg up as those who graduated shortly after me and who learned HTML along with their normal spelling lessons.  Oh, right, there were no spelling lessons because spell-check made that obsolete!  I’m trying to figure this out, trying to set boundaries (No twitter, no Instagram) but perhaps my biases against the ‘see what I am doing right this instant’ mentality is unfair.  I don’t know.  All I do know is that this is incredibly time consuming.  All consuming.  Breathe, step away, doing something for myself first, then blog.






there's nothing like sharing
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