A GLEEful Life: Against All Odds

Seriously?  Against All Odds? Could you possibly pick a better song to represent the longing, the angst, the desire of a young boy in 1984?  I went to see this movie with a good friend, a female, one in a rather long list of ‘friends’ who decided I was the one.  This friend, a senior at the time, subsequently did a really good job of trying to convince me to have sex over the next few years.  Even after she graduated and I told her, “I’m having feelings for someone….a guy.”  This was the start of it all—a song to help me speak my truth.  Music does that, you know?  A beautiful rendition by Blaine that took me, and still takes me, back.  1984 wasn’t the best year for coming out in high school, but I am sure glad I had the music to get me through.

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