A GLEEful Life: Shake It Out

Say what you will about the up and down seasons of GLEE, but I remember watching previews of the show months before it was to first air and thinking to myself:  THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE THINGS.  I only just caught up with the show’s finale several months after it aired; I haven’t been a GLEE junkie, have gotten distracted by my own life, too disturbed by the GLEE lives (on and off camera), but in the end, I can’t do anything other than hold it up as something that has marked society, changed it for the good, and helped a hell of a lot of people.  I wish I could say my years in high school glee club were like the show.  In a way they were; I was out and proud by 10th grade in 1984 challenging bullies while searching for identity.  Of course then there are all the other issues and people to which I cannot help but relate.  A year after rehab my parents were visiting while I was doing a run of The Normal Heart in the role of Felix, boyfriend to the lead who becomes infected and succumbs to AIDS by the end of play.  Heavy stuff during a busy high season of tourism and trying to stay sober.  The man, the actor, Cory, who everyone thought had it all lost everything in an overdose.  It wasn’t the first time I wished my drug of choice had been heroin because I would have been taken by an overdose years ago.  Amphetamines don’t carry the same risk of overdose although I certainly learned to raise risk levels to points of absurdity; clearly something or someone wanted me alive.  But I’m off track.  All I really want to do right now is to introduce a series in which I’ll be replaying clips from songs used in moments of shining light.  GLEEful light, GLEEful life.  And they aren’t always the easiest things to watch or to experience.

Abused by her boyfriend, lost, protecting the abuser, Coach is brought this gift (the original just as brilliant in it’s own way, kudos to Florence + The Machine.)

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