Drowning In Social Media

    I seriously don’t know how people do this blogging thing.  It’s utterly overwhelming even for someone who considers himself technically savvy.  But there’s a big difference between figuring out how to rewire a fuse box and trying to figure out how to manage all the various venues, outlets, and platforms of social media. […]

In Love with Lithium

Here’s what gets me upset:  regardless of the program, therapy, rehabilitation program, or self-help book off the shelf at B&N, attempting to tame an addiction without a thorough investigation into one’s mental health by a professional (not a therapist, not a sponsor, not a general practitioner, but someone with the specific credentials to understand mental […]

My A.S.S. (AIDS Survivors Syndrome)

After reading a startling honest and fresh blog entry by Leslie L. Smith this morning, (Why A.S.S. Is About So Much More Than Guilt), I was unwittingly startled into an acceptance I am in a period where the forces at work in my life are joining together to take me beyond the troubles of the last […]

Review: All the Light We Cannot See

All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr My rating: 5 of 5 stars I’m always a bit skeptical of #1 bestsellers, new fiction at the top of all the lists. This one deserves everything–all the attention, awards, recognition. I’m in my busy season at work, trying to maintain consistency with my new websites […]

Breaking the Cycle: Writing Down a Dream

I normally don’t remember my dreams beyond the first few moments of waking.  And I usually sleep like a rock (daily swimming/biking will do that.)  But this week, almost every night, I have been not only waking and remembering my dreams, I have been able to carry them into the day, able to sequester the […]

Love a Highly Creative Person?

From iheartintelligence.com, an amazing list which I shared with my loved one this morning.  We’ll celebrate 10 years together next week, and this….even after all the struggles, therapies, meds, ups and downs of those years….has possibly given us a foundation of understanding we’ve been missing.  There is a huge difference is how we process things. […]

Let’s Get Something Straight…….

We all have our stuff, our baggage, our beliefs, our insights, our history, our hopes and…..drum roll….our path.  I’ve always known about my path, have always sought to find my secure footing on it, and have often strayed, lost faith my path ever existed, and subsequently succumbed to filling my life with distractions, often negative […]

An Exercise or Two

Time to get creative. Part of the creative process is the ability to go with the flow, to recognize where your energy is taking you, and to know when it’s time to stop and take a break. For me, especially as I see my online journal and website as a creative process, it’s understanding that […]

Review: Amherst

Amherst by William Nicholson My rating: 4 of 5 stars If I’ve committed to finishing a book, I find it hard to give it less than 3 stars. It’s either a book I am going to finish because I want to (3 stars), need to (4 stars), or because it’s helped alter my perspective on […]

A GLEEful Life: Shake It Out

Say what you will about the up and down seasons of GLEE, but I remember watching previews of the show months before it was to first air and thinking to myself:  THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE THINGS.  I only just caught up with the show’s finale several months after it aired; I haven’t been a […]

I do belong to my life….

I don’t ever remember feeling like I belonged.  To my family, to the 7am AA meeting, to the agency staff, to this theatrical production, to that group of friends.  To the porn world.  To the teaching profession.  To my disease.  To my addictions.  To my trauma.  After working through several therapists I finally sought out […]


There are triggers and then there are roadblocks.  I personally don’t know which are more damaging to me seeing that my triggers often become paralyzing moments indecision. Or worse.  Naturally a trigger is something that sparks another action.  Obviously in the world of addiction recovery, the word, ‘trigger,’ almost always has a negative connotation; a […]


The days of upsizing whether to add an additional 500 calories of McDonald’s fries, to extended a warranty designed to make you feel good while destroying your budget,  to remove that natural sand dune because you need a better view:  gone.  You may not realize it, and that’s fine.  Everyone at their own pace.  I […]