Karma’s No B*tch: Law Two

This week’s Law:  The Law of Creation

I have to admit that once we start adding more ‘laws’ than the first law, they all seem to meld, blend, and become a cohesive thing that at first glance seems to lose it’s individual pieces.  After posting the first law last week, (reap what you sow, want happiness—be happy, whatever we put out there comes back at us), I really did try to think about it as I went about my daily life.  One particular example comes to mind, however, in that it seemed to exemplify this law and helps clarify the first from the second law.

By Saturday, I’m pretty tired.  I’ve dealt with 3 shifts of retail, working next to a bar, trying to get all the other work of the business done while adding constant foot traffic and possible sales opportunities.  As an introvert, this is a mask I put on so that I can make the customer feel good about who we are, our brand, and their possible purchase.  I can enjoy wearing the mask if my stress levels are being managed.  I can sit in my chair, say, “Hi,” and go back to my computer.  I can engage in a conversation.  I can tell a story, ask questions.  Or I can turn on the floodlight of energy that is “Spencer, Dial 10.”  But when I’m tired, it’s hard.

As I was walking from my car to my long Saturday shift I specifically said out loud, “Today is going to be a good day. Today I’m going to be happy.”  It was simple.  Then I went to work and had the best shift I’ve ever had in the 3 summers at the gallery.  And I didn’t even sell anything!  But the energy pouring off the people who came into the shop was exactly the kind of energy I give when I am ‘on.’   Would that have happened had I not said that affirmation at the car?  I don’t know.  Would those same people have come in and offered me their energy?  Possibly.  But it was the joining of the two that made the experience.  I had to participate in my own happiness, not just affirm it as a desire or hope for it because I pasted a fake smile on my face.

Law two talks about actively participating in the world around you.  Participation is the act of Creation.  Sometimes I get hung up with the notion of being “creative,” being an “ARTIST” (caps intended), living a creative life, etc. when in reality if I am actively  participating in my life with positive intention, I am living creatively.  I am living the Law of Creation.

How does this play out in recovery?  I have to tell you, sometimes the process of recovery is depressing.  The rooms are downright depressing.  Joining a group of 50 people, half of whom are still talking about the same issues they were dealing with 3 years before (let alone 3 decades) without visible growth, all of whom define themselves as an addict first and foremost, can be depressing.  Often when I have spoken/shared, I can feel an energy that I give off; it’s simply who I am.  But as an introvert, I can only give so much before needing to be refilled either by myself or by others.  I have discovered while exploring my creative world that there are few people out there who fill my coffers.  And not because I am reclusive and an introvert.  I, like many, need to rediscover who I am, and sometimes because I have focused so exclusively on SOBRIETY, I started to loose faith that the creative still existed.  Sometime I need a break from the rooms in order to take a leap into myself as opposed to carefully treading one step at a time.

I am trying to honor my ‘self.’  “Be Yourself.”   Novel.  Creative.  Unique.  Passionate.  Loving.  I have to remember to look at what I am surrounding my ‘self’ with:  If I’m not happy, perhaps I need new surroundings.

Thanks to Stevenaitchison.co.uk

2. The Law of Creation

  • Life doesn’t just happen. It requires our participation.
  • We are one with the Universe, both inside and out.
  • Whatever surrounds us gives us clues to our inner state.
  • Be yourself, and surround yourself with what you want to have in your life.
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