Recovery at 22,000 Feet

Did you know you can see IKEA from 22,000 feet? You can actually read those bold yellow letters over 4 miles above the earth. On a clear day like today (cue music), I could literally see forever. Into my past.

I am one of those fortunates who spent many years of my life along the coast of the North East from Washington DC, Baltimore and Annapolis across the Chesapeake into the C&D Canal to Philly, all along the beaches of NJ to NYC, across the sound and along the CT coast to Boston, up as far as Portsmouth and Portland. I could see each of those cities today from the plane, pick out the highways between each, the rivers and safe harbors in which we dropped anchor along the Eastern Shore, the spanning new bridges in New Haven and Providence. As far as I could see were years of travel, exploration, adventures, mishaps, missteps and mistakes all mapped out below me in a cartographer’s dream, a crystal clear vision from the sky.

It seemed a fitting moment of reflection, albeit an hour long and at 600mph. In so many ways my life began the first time I stepped on that Pan Am flight in 1974 on our way to live in Cape Town. Since then I have had an affinity and love for flight that transcends jet fuel and carry-ons.  Packing, boarding, take off, a view from above have been my chosen means of reflection even if I did spend most of my adult life on the ground digging trenches and shallow graves.

Today starts another flight, another journey, another adventure in the sky with my feet now flat on the earth. I’m calling it RE(dis)COVERY.  I am proudly IN RE(dis)COVERY.

What does that mean? I plan on figuring it out along the way even though I have meticulously researched the destination, plotted the course and travel stops and even planned for the unexpected mugging and lost wallet.  My journey into and IN RE(dis)COVERY is one of self exploration, recovery and creative rediscovery.  I believe the journey you are on might follow a similar path. Yes, it is clearly the road less traveled but the road less traveled is uniquely yours. Your life, your past, your passion, your essence, your spirit, your RE(dis)COVERY.  Recovery from whatever it is or was will be a lifelong process starting from the moment you realized you wanted or needed help.  RE(dis)COVERY goes beyond that, goes back further to rediscovering who you are and further forward to rediscovering everything you once thought or hoped you would be.  You have so many answers, you have unlimited potential and drive and hope.  We just need to RE(dis)COVER where you hid it.

Welcome aboard.

photo credit: IMG_3419.jpg via photopin (license)

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