Sing, Sing A Long…..

I used to struggle with doubt every time I posted a video of me singing on Facecrack not because I care what others think of my singing (they’re all first takes with me accompanying myself, not an easy thing for me to do like rubbing my belly and tapping my head!) but because I questioned my own reasoning for doing so.  Do I really need external validation so badly?  Perhaps reasons for doing it chance with each video, but as I become more and more clear in my path of recovery, one reason always rises to the top:  IT FEELS GOOD!  DOH!  And it doesn’t take rocket science for me to understand the extent to which my braincells are firing when I do it.  So I say, sing, sing a long, sing a song!

Singing show tunes helps fight off dementia: study

The hills are alive with the sound of music, which could help people with Alzheimer’s stave off the effects of the debilitating disease. A study by U.S. scientists has shown that the brain function of those suffering from dementia can be improved if they belt out their favorite show tunes.

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