A GLEEful Life: Against All Odds

Seriously?  Against All Odds? Could you possibly pick a better song to represent the longing, the angst, the desire of a young boy in 1984?  I went to see this movie with a good friend, a female, one in a rather long list of ‘friends’ who decided I was the one.  This friend, a senior […]

A GLEEful Life: Shake It Out

Say what you will about the up and down seasons of GLEE, but I remember watching previews of the show months before it was to first air and thinking to myself:  THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE THINGS.  I only just caught up with the show’s finale several months after it aired; I haven’t been a […]

I’m a Perfect Storm

In early March I posted the following on Facebook: Very few people influence my life as much as the one or two musical artists who happen to bookmark the significant moments of my life. No one has done that as much as Kelly Clarkson. 10 years ago, “Breakaway” was at the top of the charts, […]

Childhood is Not a Mental Disorder

My senior year after discovering I was gay, I was taken to a psychiatrist by my upset parents.  The psychiatrist spent 10 minutes with me while my divorced parents waited outside.  Then he brought them in and said, “Your son is completely well-adjusted.  There is no problem here.” I was already a really good actor […]

The Price of Shame

Yet another survivor who is stepping away from the shame and into her intentional and rightful voice that is insisting on change. If you asked yourself, “Am I part of the problem or the solution,” what would your honest answer be? It’s quite easy to be part of the problem. The jokes, the stigma, that […]