You’re Addicted

You go to sleep telling yourself that tomorrow will be different.  You’re going to start tomorrow clean, maybe read a book, mediate, perhaps go to a meeting to get some human connection.  A couple cups of coffee later, you’re suddenly pinched by a little urge.  It’s nothing mind-shattering, no unbearable feeling of being out-of-control, of knowing you are about to break down and fall back into old patterns.  It’s just a pinch, a reality check that this is going to be a lot harder than you thought.  Thankfully, you have to go to work which, truth be told, holds its own chances for relapse.  It’s everywhere at work, everyone is using, everyone seems just fine with their patterns of use.  How are you going to get through a work day without it?  Are you going to tell your colleagues?  Are you going to ask them for help even though the thought of that is so embarrassing you think giving up would be easier.

It’s not even 10 o’clock and you’ve thrown in the towel.  You tell yourself you did pretty well.  You lasted 4 hours.  But now you have to go online.  You have to check in to Facebook, Twitter, and the half dozen other sites which give your day it’s structure, and dare you admit it, it’s meaning.

Look, I don’t make light of being addicted.  Being addicted to technology is nothing like being addicted to the purest form of mind-bending chemicals which are not available on the internet.  You won’t end up chewing off some homeless man’s face while your on it.  But you might end up chewing out someone who has a different point of view, a different way of life, a different thought process.

You have choices of how you use technology.  Don’t let it run your life.  Don’t let it be your life.  If you want to preach, start a blog.  That’s what I’m doing.  And guess what?  You can’t comment on anything I’m writing!  Why?  Because it’s that sort of back and forth banter on social media that, while sometimes creating lovely and lively discussions, drives me crazy.  I’ve spent the time and money to start this website and a few others, so I get to set the rules.  So do you!  Use your social media filters, keep your boundaries intact, don’t engage with people who bring you down.  Rediscover who you are occasionally by disengaging.

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